Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Letter #8 I am Love

" I AM love.

I am patient with you, and always kind.

I do not envy, I am not proud and boastful to you of all I have done to deserve your love.

I am never rude, snappy, or self-seeking with you.

I am not easily angered. My love goes deeper than emotions.

I erase your sins, I do not count the times you fail and fall, I keep no record of your sins, I have cleansed you of them!

I do not take delight in any of your pain or hard lessons, but I rejoice when good and truth come over you!

I will ALWAYS protect you, I will always take you into My trust and confidence.

I never put you on "trial basis" to make you prove yourself before I "reinstate" you. The past is gone, I have covered it, and I will not remind you of it.

I will always give you hope, and hope for you when you cannot!

I will always persevere! My love will not leave you, we'll make it through the hard stuff.

I will NOT fail you.

Prophecies will fade, tongues will cease, words of knowledge will pass away-- all of these spiritually desired and significant, sought after things will end, fade and lose their power. But MY LOVE, My love for you will never end!

It is the greatest, it is the core, it is more important than faith...more important than hope.

My love for you makes you heard, it makes you matter.

My love for you makes you something...someone important. My love for you has gained you everything!!

My love for you gives you identity and purpose. My greatest desire and purpose towards you is LOVE!

I love you!"

~1 Corinthians Chapter 13~

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