Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love Letter #6 Wide, Long, High and Deep

"My love for you is so WIDE,
                                                  so LONG,
                                                                   so HIGH,
                                                                                     so DEEP,

that it surpasses your understanding. You need My power to even be able to grasp it!

The universe, how vast, how wide it is. My love? Wider.

Light travels such long lengths from space to reach you, doesn't it? My love? I came farther and it goes much longer.

How high in the sky that moon hangs. My love? I hung for you too, My love goes higher.

The deepest depth of the ocean floor or the deepest part of your wounded heart. My love? It reaches there and deeper.

My love is so great, it will fill you so completely, the measuring rod of your heart will read, "ALL the fullness of God!"

I want YOU to know this love... to know Me... to know this fullness.

I love you."

~Ephesians 3:18-19~

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