Friday, September 28, 2012

A New Revelation, A New Creation

Always and whenever I read about being a 'new creation', 'being made new',
and 'being transformed by the renewing of your mind',
I pray and ask God to make it so in my life.
It has been said we never see change taking place in us until it has fully come upon us.
No one knows when being snuck up on that they are about to be surprised until they are overtaken.
I realized as of late that I had been overtaken by my answered prayers.
The suddenness of that realization came upon my mind sharply.
Once again, I found myself reading about  'the new man'.
Once again I wondered if I would ever be so.
Once again I prayed.
But this time, in answer to my "Lord, make me new" I heard without hesitation,
"You are ."
Across my mind flashed a recent conversation I had with a good friend
who had gone through a break-up.
This friend was not a Christian.
As I listened to them share their woes and tell how things had fallen apart- I was dumbstruck.
Completely, utterly, speechless.
Their perspective, their basis upon which they built this entire relationship,
their concepts of material loss or small victories in keeping some item
from their ex's grasp, was so pointedly and 100% opposite and removed from my own.
My views, beliefs, priorities and morals were so utterly dissimilar
that I had no grounds on which to meet this friend.
We were worlds apart.
There was no way of translating my before-planned counsel so they could grasp or
understand some shred of the truths I had wanted to communicate.
 Because my friend didn't even know the phonetics, if you will,
the very basics of Christian morals and principals, there was simply no way.
Yes, we were indeed of different worlds, speaking different languages.
As recollection of this experience washed over my memory,
bringing afresh a small, concentrated dose of the emotions felt from it,
reality struck me.
"You are are a new man."
I was so entirely different in my approach to life and its issues,
my convictions and beliefs so stirringly, strikingly opposed,
the very workings and reasonings of my thoughts, emotions and responses
were on the other end of the pendulum in comparison to my friend's.
In fact they are not those of an 'ordinary' person, a person of this world.
A way of thinking, feeling, seeing and interpreting life's events
had gotten ahold of me that was not 'normal',
was not like other 'men' around me.
I was like an alien operating on a strange planet, under a different set of 'kingdom rules'.
I was like...
a new man.
2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away;
behold, all things are become new.

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