Monday, March 21, 2011

Bitter Brew

Coffee by Phil Monger
Coffee a photo by Phil Monger on Flickr.
It had been a long day. I was needing something strong and warming…coffee!

So I kicked off my heels, dumped my purse and headed for the kitchen. It wasn’t long before the small pot I had prepared was engulfing my senses with its tantalizing aroma. I pulled a very large mug from the cupboard and began to pour that wonderfulsteaming brew into it. Mmmm, bold and strong, just like I like it.

I emptied the entire pot into my cup, and it came right up to the rim. room for creamer. (I don't know about y'all, but I like a caramel-hued cup of coffee, not one I can see my reflection in!)

There was no getting around it-- my cup was out of room, but I wasn't about to dump it out and waste it! So… I had to make room. I took the first sip....yep...I had made it strong all right! It was bitter stuff..."more like a tonic" I though to myself. Far from the calming, comforting effect I had been after.

Forcing myself through the first few sips, I managed to gulp down enough so there was a little bit of room to add some creamer…but it was room enough, it was still too strong. Once again I began sipping away thinking of the irony that I was forcing myself to drink a few gulps of coffee..a drink I usually savor!

With each sip, I was able to add more of that pure, creamy liquid I was quickly coming to appreciate in a whole new way...and with each amount added the following sip was sweeter and easier.

And then it hit me.

Like my coffee mug, we all hold things inside us...bitter coffee like hurt, disappointment, fear, unforgiveness, ugly habits…we've all had to drink the bitter brew we make for ourselves at one time or another.

It is never pleasant and I guarantee we've all wanted to give up and give in...wished we could dump the coffee and start over because it seems too much to swallow.

But God doesn't waist anything...even the bad things in our lives, he uses all for good.

And we know that all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.- Romans 8:28 NIV.

Many of us know that verse by heart, it is well known and well used. But do we believe it?

There are things in life we have to press through, bitter issues we have to deal with. It is hard to swallow the reality of our sins and sometimes their painful consequences...we can't run from them but rather must swallow our pride and move through them.

Remember how each time I made room in my cup, it meant that much more room for creamer?

Remember it got easier and sweeter?

It is hard to face disappointments, sins and hurts in our lives, but when we choose to face them, choose to let the yuck be removed from makes room.

The more we remove from ourselves, the more room it frees for Jesus to come in. He brings true life.

John 3:30-He must become greater; I must become less.

With each step we take to remove the offensive things in our hearts, do the hard things He calls us to like forgiving, loving, obeying, and letting go… the more grace flows, the easier it will be...and the sweeter your soul.

It’s been said before the only way to the other side of something is through it. Have you noticed it takes much more energy too avoid something you don’t want to do, than it does to actually do it? And oh, the relief you feel when you finally do?!

Sweet surrender…

Mmmm, now that is a thought worth savoring.

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jeffsmith009 said...

Very good stuff! I especially can connect to the fact that avoiding something is much harder than just doing it!